Profile Details

Name XXX
Email Not Available
Gender Female
How to contact
Marital Status Never Married
Country of Living Sri Lanka
State Or Province Western
District or City Colombo
City or Village Maharagama
Residency Status Citizen
Date of Birth 1966-12-01
Age 52  years
Height 5'-2" (155 cm)
Mother Tongue Sinhala
Religion Buddhist
Caste Govi
Complexion Medium
Body type Average
Education Detail AL
Job in detail Manager
Work place in detail Private
Business in detail
Monthly Salary or Business Income Rs.15,000 - Rs.25,000
Dowry cash available but not to mention
Property detail separate house
Papa Kendara Donít Know
Lagnaya Wrushika (Scorpio)
Nekatha Punawasa
Ganaya Dewa
Ravi(Sun) 1
Chandra (Sandu) (Moon) 8
Kuja (Angaharu) (Mars) 11
Budha (Mercury) 12
Guru (Brahaspathi) (Jupiter) 9
Shukra (Sikuru) (Venus) 1
Shani (Senasuru) (Saturn) 4
Rahu 6
Ketu 12
Diet Vegetarian
Special Casses None
Looking From Sri Lanka
Self Description email : alomafrugniet@yahoo.com