Profile Details-පැතිකඩ

ඊ මේල් N/A
ස්ත්‍රී/පුරුෂ භාවය පුරුෂ
විවාහක අවිවාහක බව Never Married
වෙසෙන රට Sri Lanka
පළාත Western
දිස්තිරික්කය Colombo
පුරවැසිභාවය Citizen
උපන් දිනය 1979-10-10
වයස 40  years
උස 5'-3" (157.5 cm)
මවු බස Sinhala
ආගම Buddhist
කුලය Do not know
පැහැය Medium
ශරීර ප්‍රමාණය Average
අධ්‍යාපනය Msc, Bcs, and many other internationally recognized professional certifications & 10+Y experiences as an Engineer (Information technology)
රැකියාව I’m working as a Senior Engineer of a highly recognized multinational company
රැකියා ස්ථානය
මාසික වැටුප හෝ ආදායම 1 - 2 Laks
දෑවැදී මුදලින් available but not to mention
දේපල available but not to mention
පාප කෙන්දරයක්ද? Don’t Know
ලග්නය Wrushika (Scorpio)
නැකත Ada
ඝනය Manushya
නිර්මාංෂද? Non Vegetarian
විශේෂ කරුණු None
සොයන්නේ කොහෙන්ද? Sri Lanka
පවුලේ විස්තරය I am a very simple guy—and also seeking a life partner with a similar mindset! Now I’m working as a Senior Engineer of a globally recognized multinational company. Our family comprises four members—my parents, my sister and my self (only son of my family). My father was a Deputy Secretary of SL_Gov service and, my mother (Late...) was a school teacher. Further, my sister—a management graduate and working as a School teacher (Married and lives in her's husband-home). So I’m totally free from any kind of family burdens. As my own properties, I have : Own house, a Car, 2 acres of lands, FDs, Share-market investments and bank savings. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Interesting areas other than the profession:** Literature/Cinema; Traveling & Nature; Philosophy (Western). ~~~~~~~ I’m expecting below values form my life partner***. Need not to be a beauty-queen but must be a fair girl with a stress-less smile on her face.*** ***. Need to be a graduate (Or equivalent) *** ***. Should have a better understanding of different areas (a person who READs a lot )*** ***. She should be able to move with the modern society by preserving the essence of simplicity!!! ~~~~~~~~~~Please call me for more Information/PHOTOS – this mobile number is not my primary number, so if I didn’t answer to your call at once please send me a SMS Mob: 0723438162 OR email me: proposals.4a.lifepartner@gmail.com ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~